What you need to do when a loved one passes?

We understand that it is an extremely difficult time when a loved one passes. The first and most important steps you need to consider are collecting a medical certificate from a doctor, without this, a coroner will be consulted.

Your next step would be to consult a Funeral Director to arrange a Funeral service and other arrangements for the body of your loved one. It is important you find someone who is sympathetic, and able to make you feel as comfortable as possible during this process.

Choices you may want to consider

Has the deceased pre-arranged or pre-paid a funeral?

When and where you want the funeral to be held

  • Burial or cremation
  • Clothing for your loved one to wear
  • What kind of ceremony you would like
  • Who you would like to be involved in the ceremony
  • If you would like a viewing arranged or not

All of these points will be discussed when the Funeral Director comes to visit you, however, it is helpful to consider and discuss some points to prepare you and your family.

Registering a death

We at Sincere Funerals will register the death of your loved one, and send the deceased’s next of kin the certificate with the memorial book from the service within approximately 14 days after the service.